Renewal News – Summer 2019

In This Issue: GA 2019: a way forward? – Andy CornellThe trouble with norms – Ian ShawStage set for Barrier battleRF board to respond to remitsRenewal for the next generation – Lauren and Jillian McWhinnieRF's Knox College bursary revivedAuthentic Biblical thinking – Ian ShawPowerful, Spirit-led prayer – Andy CornellEffective Gospel witness – John ParkIt's a ... Read more

A Letter to Evangelicals

The decision of the 145th General Assembly to adopt option "B" in the Report of the Special Committee of Former Moderators and the subsequent Remits on Human Sexuality and Marriage have caused a range of responses among members of the Renewal Fellowship and throughout our denomination. As a result of a meeting at Vaughan Community ... Read more

Tales from Assembly: Why I Dissented

“Pragmatism or principle” was the duelling dynamic for commissioners as we wrestled with how we would rank the four pathways proposed by the Special Committee of Former Moderators. For many who hold onto classical theology, only two pathways – ‘A’ (tradition) and ‘C’ (three streams) – were seriously considered. ‘B’ (inclusion) and ‘D’ (accommodation) were non starters. … Read More

General Assembly 2019

WOW! We didn't see that coming. 145th General Assembly lived up its advanced billing. It was intense, deeply emotional, and contentious. In the end, commissioners choose Pathway B – Inclusion – that disappointed and dismayed us. However, the remits (printed below), to be sent down to presbyteries for approval, propose a much less exclusionary avenue. ... Read more

A Commissioner Scans the Pathways

What will best serve the Kingdom – politics or principle? That is one of several questions I have as I consider the four pathways laid out by the Special Committee of Former Moderators, whose long-awaited report was released May 21 (posted here). The committee’s report is in response to General Assembly 2018’s direction to “propose ... Read more

Healing the soul of the PCC

The idea that the reformed church is a priesthood of all believers is noble, and even somewhat true. Each believer is called to take the gospel into the nations, to have a reason handy for the hope that we have in Christ, and be equipped to be as Christ to the least of these. Those ... Read more

Meet Our Board

Pictures and profiles appear for the following Renewal Fellowship Board members: Don Bartlett, Rev. Pye Chew, Rev. Stan Cox, Diane Eaton, Bill Harrison, Rev. Germaine Lovelace, Don MacMillan, Jillian McWhinney, Rev. John Park, Leslie Ruo, and Rev. Ian Shaw … Read More

Making space for God, not each other

One of the risks that we take in talking publicly is that we have absolutely no control over what’s printed or broadcast. Comments can be taken out of context or be quoted inaccurately. Headlines attempt to draw the reader’s attention but sometimes miss the mark and create the wrong impression. Those don’t sound like the ... Read more