An Introduction to The Renewal Fellowship

Our vision, passion and hope is to experience God’s renewal of our lives, our congregations, our courts, our theological schools and every place where Canadian Presbyterians gather. Our mission is to bring Canadian Presbyterians together for prayer, learning, discussion and mutual support in groups small and large and to create environments where God’s people can hear the call for renewal and respond together. … Read More

On the Road Again

I could not have possibly done this without divine, supernatural help. God gave me strength and refreshment when I needed it most. God went ahead and prepared opportunities and open hearts. This trip would not have been possible without our supporters of this Encouragement Road Trip. The prayer support was critical and noticeable. The financial support was foundational. Even though the budget we prepared was too small as I ended up driving 6000 instead of 4000 km, there was sufficient to pay every bill. … Read More

The Renewal Fellowship at General Assembly in Vancouver, June 2015

I attended this year’s General Assembly as the spouse of a commissioner [who is also the Chair of the Church Doctrine Committee]. That meant I got to mingle and meet old friends and make new ones – something I enjoy doing anytime but especially when it means meeting people who served on the Renewal Fellowship Board with me in the past or who I knew as mission staff. Many members of the Renewal Fellowship were … Read More

Executive Director’s Comments

Human Sexuality issues are front and centre for The Presbyterian Church in Canada. There will be study and dialogue at every level of the church and eventually decisions made concerning the numerous overtures forwarded to our General Assembly this past June. There will be votes by commissioners in the coming years together with votes in sessions and presbyteries. The majority will express their will on the church. It is the way we are governed. If our church’s practice is changed so that LGBTQ individuals who are in relationships … Read More

Renewal News – Summer 2015

In this issue, Fred Stewart, our Executive Director, shares his reflections along the way of his April 30 – May 20 Encouragement Road Trip into Atlantic Canada. The need for encouragement is sometimes so evident as to be heartbreaking. Linda Shaw shares her reflections of the General Assembly in Vancouver in June, and the need for prayer for The Presbyterian Church in Canada over the next year. Fred Stewart also shares concerns expressed by folks taking positions on both sides about the matters discussed at General Assembly this year. … Read More

Memberships and Donations

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