It’s Okay! You’re Not Alone

Sunny skies and smooth sailing are the exception rather than the norm for those who have truly given their hearts and lives to Christ. This is a fallen world, after all. Storms come and go and promise to return.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada is about to head into some very choppy waters.

Congregations, sessions, presbyteries and synods have all been presented by the General Assembly Office with a long list of documents to study and report by the end of January 2018. There are four issues: censure definitions, provision for equalizing elders, physician-assisted suicide, and human sexuality. The first two are relatively minor. The third is deep and existential. The fourth has enough ammunition to split us in several directions. … Read more

Renew Your Commitment.
Rediscover the Book.

Rev. Douglas H. Rollwage, Moderator of the 142nd General Assembly, delivered a powerful message at the opening worship of the 143rd General Assembly in June 2017. His message meshes perfectly with Renewal Fellowship’s prayer for “a deep hunger for the teaching of the Bible and its authority.”

Sermon for the 143rd General Assembly