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Homosexual Practice

It is a real temptation to downplay the sinfulness of the homosexual lifestyle and follow the world's attitude, treating it as only one of many acceptable lifestyles. It is irresponsible to our youth to gloss over the sin of homosexual practice. … Read More

Response to Homosexuality

The issue of homosexuality demands a response of godly compassion from the Body of Christ. How serious it is to misrepresent God. We need to take a broad biblical response. The prohibitions are there, but we need a response that sees the whole person. … Read More

Renewal News – January 2017

In this issue, Ian Shaw compares our faith with the ancient, two-headed Roman God, Janus; James Statham introduces us to the PSALT group, “Presbyterians Standing for Apostolic Love and Truth”; Ian McWhinnie alerts us to the available Executive Director ministry position; plans are revealed for the Renewal Day Conference on Saturday, April 22, 2017, in Barrie, Ontario; the names on the ballot for Moderator of the 143rd General Assembly are listed; and we are advised to consider subscribing to Faith Today. … Read More

Resources for the Human Sexuality Discussions in the Presbyterian Church in Canada

There has been a request for resources that come from an evangelical/conservative point of view.
A Letter from the Committee on Church Doctrine in response to the Body, Mind and Soul Study Guide.
Video Resources: The Presbytery of Hamilton hosted a day-long forum entitled “Speaking Truth in Love: A Forum on Human Sexuality” on Saturday, January 30th, 2016. Videos are posted from presentations by Clyde Ervine, Kevin Livingston and Karla Wubbenhorst. … Read More
Print Resources: Links following the titles are where e-books or hard copies may be purchased. … Read More
Channels Articles: 13 articles on sexuality have appeared on this site in the past. … Read More

Review: Charles H.H. Scobie, The Ways of Our God

This is a major work which reflects a lifetime of both scholarly and devotional interaction with Scripture. Encyclopedic in scope, it deals not only with the history and methodology of biblical theology but with the flow of salvation history. … Read More

Review: John Stott, Same-Sex Partnerships? A Christian Perspective

This little publication is a timely help in providing its readers with the well-laid-out arguments and biblical perspective that form the basis of the position taken on same-sex partnerships by the evangelical community, amongst others. … Read More

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