Rorschach Test and Bible Readings or, Watch Your Attitudes, They Shape What You See

There is a fundamental difference in attitude between humanistic and spiritual people. But why are there so many differences among spiritually-minded people who see and interpret the Bible in so many, often contradictory ways? … Read More

Letter to the Editor

Support for the national church has declined, perhaps because church publications never mention anyone becoming a Christian through our social action work, inclusive language has been mandated, and only certain "politically correct" people are appointed to committees. … Read More

Is the Evangelist Facing Extinction in Canada?

Itinerant evangelists speak of having few ministry opportunities and little income to live on, which says a great deal about the unimportance of the evangelist in the Canadian Church. Is the evangelist, then, almost extinct in Canada? … Read More

Submission to General Assembly Committee

William Klempa, then Principal of Presbyterian College, Montreal, Quebec, presents arguments against the ordination of practicing homosexuals, based on biblical witness, Christian tradition, theological and moral principles, and Presbyterian Church polity. … Read More

Whose Dominion? — Christianity and Canadian Culture Historically Considered

Canadian Christians sometimes look back with nostalgia to when Christianity was dominant in the country. "God" is in the national anthem. Is Canada a Christian nation? Is it more or less Christian today than previously? … Read More

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