Paris Presbyterian Church Sports Camp

Sports Camp is a mission on the move. Through sports, the leaders strive to emulate the work of Jesus by focusing on building relationships and leading by example. This is the model of ministry that Sports Camp has been built upon. Every time there is interaction with someone, that person is being influenced. Our influence is dominated by our actions. Certainly, a week at camp allows for a lot of interaction. The goal at Sports Camp is to make all of our actions intentional, actions that reflect Jesus. So how do we use that opportunity? … Read More

Glenbrook Upward Soccer Camp

This past summer, the eyes of the world were watching the World Cup of soccer in Brazil. The names of Maynard, Messi, and Rooney, if they were not already known, became even more well known as they played in soccer stadiums across Brazil. With each day’s coverage, the CBC usually had a panoramic view of the city of Rio de Janeiro, including the famous statue of Jesus Christ with His arms outstretched over the great city. What does soccer (or football to most of the world) and Jesus Christ have in common? … Read More

Celebrate Freedom: Freedom Session Report

Last year, I attended “Freedom Session”, a Bible-based twelve-step program, aimed at freeing us from our addictions, compulsive behaviours, and tendency to do the wrong things. The goal is to find healing and freedom through Jesus Christ. The main reason that I went to Freedom Session was to support my wife in her need to attend in order to deal with painful depressing memories from her youth. I also wanted to evaluate the program to possibly take it back to our home church. I also thought that, just maybe, I could also learn something on the way … Read More

Am I Thankful?

The more I pray for, study, and seek renewal for the church, the more I realize that personal renewal is a necessary part of what happens corporately. I am not completely sure if it is a precedent condition, a coincident condition, or a result of the other. I am pretty sure there is reason to ask a “Chicken and Egg; which came first?” type of question about many of the past times of renewal. In thinking about Thanksgiving holiday observances, I was drawn along a path that is relevant to personal renewal. It started with wondering why we needed a holiday to remind us… Read More

Letter from Fred Stewart

When you see this letter, it will be the fall and this may be our last communication of 2014. In addition, I will have entered my fourth year of leading The Renewal Fellowship. Where does the time go? I want all of you who have prayed for us, and all of you who have helped this ministry this past year, to know how much you are appreciated. Your thoughtfulness has made a difference. We couldn’t visit or minister across the country, as we do, without you. When we get thanked for a visit or some other kind of encouragement … Read More

News from the Western Encouragement Road Trip

Six weeks ago, I flew home from Vancouver. It was the end of the 2014 Encouragement Road Trip from southern Ontario to the west coast. As I have related to folks that ask about this three-week trip in May, I say that I went to encourage and came back as encouraged as anyone. What a rich and diverse denomination we are! What welcoming and hospitable people are found in our congregations across the country! My most significant learnings from this trip are centred around relationship and connection … Read More

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