As Iron Sharpens Iron

Recently, I had a three-hour conversation with a colleague whom I deeply respect and genuinely like. Our conversation went “around the world” in one sense, but found its focus on God, the things of God, and being leaders of God’s people. It was the kind of conversation that leaves one energized and encouraged about the task of serving God’s kingdom. It doesn't matter whether you're in church leadership or not — you need a friend with whom you can have those comfortable conversations. … Read More


As we head into summer, I have two requests for you. First, please make the Renewal Fellowship a prayer priority. We need the Lord’s help to continue to find ways to serve this denomination in positive and meaningful ways. We need divine help in finding new board members and officers (especially a treasurer) that are needed in the coming months and years. Second, please consider a special financial gift to the Renewal Fellowship this summer. As with almost all ministries, the summer is a time of reduced giving. … Read More

A Christmas to Remember

I had the opportunity to hear Rodger Nishioka (Associate Professor, Christian Education, at Columbia Theological Seminary) speak this past fall. One story he told was about a research interview he did with a woman who lived in an apartment building across from a church. She told him that nothing that happened there had any effect on her life. She said that if that local church ceased to exist, it wouldn’t make any difference to her. Dr. Nishioka then challenged us to think about whether … Read More

Renewal Network Conferences

In November of 2013, the 14th annual ecumenical (Anglican-Presbyterian-United) Renewal Network Conference was held at Chedoke Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario. In November of 2013, the 14th annual ecumenical (Anglican-Presbyterian-United) Renewal Network Conference was held at Chedoke Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario. Due to the continuing reduction in the number of conference attendees, the splendid experience of working together with other renewal groups has drawn to a close … Read More

Message from Fred Stewart

Dear friends, I am honoured to once again be writing our year end letter to the members and supporters of The Renewal Fellowship. It has been an eventful 12 months since I last reported to you. Ministry has presented both great adventures and huge challenges. I have been able to address Presbyteries and also a Synod. I have ministered in 5 provinces and numerous congregations. But most significantly, I have been able to meet and pray with about 100 of our pastors. One of the sweetest moments was … Read More

Intentional Spiritual Community

Having just finished the three-day retreat for Presbyterian Church in Canada ministers – two full days bracketed by two half days – at Crieff Hills, I spent some time listening to the comments of the other participants, and was struck by how often certain words came up. With that in mind, I decided to expand on them a little: community, blessed, discipline, relationship. … Read More

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