Message from Fred Stewart

Dear friends, I am honoured to once again be writing our year end letter to the members and supporters of The Renewal Fellowship. It has been an eventful 12 months since I last reported to you. Ministry has presented both great adventures and huge challenges. I have been able to address Presbyteries and also a Synod. I have ministered in 5 provinces and numerous congregations. But most significantly, I have been able to meet and pray with about 100 of our pastors. One of the sweetest moments was … Read More

Intentional Spiritual Community

Having just finished the three-day retreat for Presbyterian Church in Canada ministers – two full days bracketed by two half days – at Crieff Hills, I spent some time listening to the comments of the other participants, and was struck by how often certain words came up. With that in mind, I decided to expand on them a little: community, blessed, discipline, relationship. … Read More

The Story

Here at Norman Kennedy Presbyterian Church, we have just completed a great year of reading, studying, preaching, teaching, and talking our way through the Bible using Zondervan’s The Story resources. A year ago, our session discovered and reviewed these helpful resources, and committed to improving our congregation’s biblical literacy in 2013 by following The Story. In brief, The Story is an abbreviated, chronological, easy-to-understand version of the Bible that is written in … Read More

Renewal Fellowship Board Meeting

It’s been a long time since the whole Board of Directors of the Renewal Fellowship was able to gather in person. The Board met for October 21-22 at the home of the Chairperson, Linda Shaw, for a time of prayer and discernment. The sleep-over format was especially helpful, even for those who only had a mattress on the floor! God was faithful and everyone left feeling encouraged and hopeful and with specific goals for the next two years in particular. Please pray for the Board and its work … Read More

Executive Director’s Activities

The last three months have been a blur. Here is a summary of your Executive Director’s activities: Preached for a part-time call, caught up on holidays, started in new charge approximately 3.5 days a week. (Now working with Renewal Fellowship 2 days a week.) Travelled to the Maritimes, and there, I visited with clergy, preached in Bethel Presbyterian Church, Riverview NB, attended and addressed the Synod of the Maritime Provinces in Sydney NS. Travelled to Quebec City … Read More

Renewal Network Theme Addresses Audio

Renewal Network Renewal Day, Saturday, November 9, 2013, Chedoke Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario.
The Theme: “Roots and Wings: Ministry for the 21st Century”
Audio of theme addresses by John Bowen: “Roots: Recovering our Passion” and “Wings: Learning to Fly Again” … Read More

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