Good News Journey – PA Day Camp Nassagaweya

At Nassagaweya Presbyterian Church in Campbellville, Ontario, we rejoice in the arrival of our new minister, Rev. Reuben St. Louis. And, with his arrival, we have consequently made both changes and an exciting addition to our youth ministries. One of our youth ministries has been KOTH – “Kids-on-the Hill” Club, established as a mid-week after-school programme for children aged JK-Grade 8. Recently this outreach was cancelled in large part due to the difficulty faced … Read More

Good Things Happening

For the last several months, there has been a Renewal Fellowship article in The Presbyterian Record, many of which having been written by our Executive Director, Fred Stewart. Fred attended the Knox College Convocation this May. He is on the Local Arrangements Committee for this year’s General Assembly and will be the host at the Renewal Fellowship hospitality room. He is in regular dialogue with pastors and leaders in our church from coast to coast. These are all good things, but they are not splashy … Read More

Last Chance For New Courage?

In January of 2012, I attended one of a series of roundtable discussions that Gordon Haynes conducted across the country on the issues facing the church in the next 10 years. What impacted me the most was the introductory comment by Gordon indicating that there are already on file precisely 16 similar reports to the national church dating from 1964 on, indicating that change needs to happen in the Presbyterian Church in Canada to reverse our declining membership … Read More

A Word of Challenge and Encouragement

God, in Jesus Christ, wants to be experienced. He longs for an intimate closeness with each of us who are called “living stones … precious living stones” … the church. We are the people of God called the church … not a social club or even a place to gather. We who believe in Jesus are the Bride of Christ. We are the Church! And our renewal will be found in believing the Word of God, through being in dance with His Holy Spirit, and acting on what we hear … Read More

Good News Journey – In British Columbia

There are several dynamic, growing churches in British Columbia. Like many other churches, St. John’s Presbyterian Church in White Rock suffered a steady decline in attendance. God heard the congregation’s prayers for renewal and growth, but answered in some unexpected ways. Another church in the Presbytery of Westminster, St. Andrew’s and St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, North Vancouver, also decided to make some changes … Read More

Intentional Community

As I write this, the March issue of the Record has been available for only a couple of weeks. In that time I have had more feedback about my article, Minding the Minister, than I have received for all the things I have ever written for public consumption combined. I hit on something significant: many ministers in our denomination are burning out. This is a problem worthy of our attention. What is needed is focus and strategy. After consultation with our national board over the past year … Read More

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