There are many aspects of this vital topic and we were tempted to include articles on the AIDS pandemic, Parish Nursing, and personal stories of healing but they and other topics will have to wait for a future issue as we chose the road less traveled in order to get a broader perspective.

Our authors remind us of the spectrum of the topic including theological reflection. Laurie Salmon's articles remind us that preventative measures are an essential part of health and wholeness as she chronicles the life-giving experience of healthy family activity and community-building in a camping experience. Bryn MacPhail reflects on the question of why God allows suffering at all and how this is part of the process of bringing us to wholeness. Darrell Johnson, the dynamic speaker at our recent AGM shares seminal thoughts on testing and temptation from a soon to be published book on the Lord's Prayer. Marian Archibald challenges us to be more active and compassionate in seeking to understand and act as advocates for members in the church and society who suffer mental challenges. Esther McIlveen's nostalgic article reminds us how the examples of a godly parent is an ongoing encouragement to live wholesomely in challenging circumstances. Included also an article from staff members at St. Andrew's Lakeshore Presbyterian church near Windsor dealing with the wholeness that can be restored to those who suffer from addictions through a Christian Twelve-Step program. The review of Charles Scobie's book The Ways of our God: An Approach to Biblical Theology encourages us to use this helpful resource that will focus our understanding on the whole witness of the Bible. This quote (p. 924) reflects our purpose: "The healing ministry of Jesus has been seen down through the centuries as a clear indication that all forms of disease, mental illness, and disability are contrary to the will of God, and hence as the great charter of Christian service to the sick, the handicapped, and the mentally ill. From the monastic hospitals of medieval times, through modern medical missions, to many contemporary healing ministries, the church has sought to obey Jesus' command to 'heal the sick.'" (Matthew 10: 8)