Renewal Isn’t Easy

(from the October 2012 Presbyterian Record)

What a blessing it is to be positioned in life and in this denomination of ours to focus on renewal. I am not the only Canadian Presbyterian who is emphasizing renewal these days, but as the full-time leader of the Renewal Fellowship within the Presbyterian Church, I get to fill my days praying for, imagining, working towards and trusting God for renewal.

What do I mean by renewal? There is so much that we could talk about if we were sitting over a coffee with some meaningful one-on-one time. (I am grateful for all those opportunities I have enjoyed so far.)

In an attempt at brevity, I'll look at our passion as a dimension of renewal. We know it is desperately needed when our passion for important areas has waned and is perhaps even on life support.

As Christ’s followers and aspiring disciples we need passion for God’s word and God’s Son. For us to have communities of Christ that are alive and well, we need to renew our passion for the things of God. When passion is missing, I believe we lose our primary reason to be people and communities after the heart of God.

Jesus taught us about God’s heart for lost people. He continued to teach, in the tradition of the law and the prophets … Read More