Good News Journey – We’re Getting The How

I have attended Cote des Neiges Presbyterian Church (Montreal) for eight years, and I've had the pleasure of being a part of the regular Wednesday gatherings for prayer. The leaders, Roberto and Jessica, have a strong burden for the well-being of our church. Through their humble, friendly, and warm leadership, Roberto and Jessica have set everyone at ease; from the very first meeting, they have set the tone for sincere, heartfelt prayers. Roberta has guided us in the art of prayer, which has not only encouraged us to articulate prayers at church, but has also renewed our zeal for at-home prayers. Sharing snippets of Bunyan, Goodwin, and Shepard – we're getting the how.

Although many of our entreaties have been for a new pastor, the requests are never wearisome but a delight. The prayer group members are committed to each other and have a burden for the whole church family. God hears our petitions, blesses the group, and makes the group a blessing to the whole church.

Each member of the group brings something special to our time together. Daniel brings not only his confidence in the Lord, but also his sparkling wit and zany humour. Lovina wears many hats in our little church, and her face shines commitment. Her earnest prayers reflect an expression of familiarity and an appreciation of the role of church. Enrique enriches us with the insight of his years and the unceasing flame of his love for Jesus. Rosemary's gift to our group is her experience as a missionary, and as chief cookie lady, we're also getting the sweets! Her very presence is a testimony to the way God matures us in the faith during our whole life-time. As for me, when I sit amongst this little group of bowed heads, uttering the holy name of our Creator – petitioning Him with the needs of our little church – seeing His sheep cry out to Him – praising Him – loving Him – I feel powerful, for I am reminded of a promise from the Lord: "The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results." – James 5:16.

Oh, what a delight to gather in prayer. The Lord is in our midst, and our hearts are full of sweet expectations from Him.

Update: The Rev. Joel Coppeters was inducted at our church in September. We have the new pastor we have been praying for! Pray for Cote des Neiges Presbyterian Church, where God is doing wonderful things! Amen!

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