Overture re: Relief Structures Within the PCC

The Session of St. Andrew’s Moncton humbly submits the following overture to the Presbytery of New Brunswick, requesting that the Presbytery of New Brunswick transmit the overture to the General Assembly, preferably with approval, with the request that the overture be referred to Assembly Council.

Overture to 2020 General Assembly: Re: Relief Structures within the PCC

To the Venerable the General Assembly:

WHEREAS, The Presbyterian Church in Canada has debated human sexuality for several decades; and

WHEREAS, the debate is a distraction; and

WHEREAS, the issues pertaining to human sexuality are symptomatic of deeper theological issues; and

WHEREAS, the theological divide is evidenced in the report from the 2019 General Assembly’s “Special Committee Regarding Implications of Option B (Inclusion)” which read in part, “In truth we differ theologically on many things; the role of scripture, the virgin birth, the resurrection, the place of children, of women and the priorities of the church…”; and

WHEREAS, deviation from a traditional interpretation of scripture regarding marriage and the ordination practices of the church separates the PCC from the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and the majority of churches around the world; and

WHEREAS, Remits B and C (GA 2019) are in and of themselves divisive; and

WHEREAS, the activism of some on behalf of the LGBTQI community creates a working environment prone to conflict; and

WHEREAS, there is a deep love and devotion to the PCC and its system of governance and traditional theology with many in the denomination; and

WHEREAS, our system of governance depends upon collegial working relationships that are mutually submissive, which is not possible without a common basis of authority; and

WHEREAS, regardless of how Remits B and C (GA 2019) are dealt with, there remains an unbridgeable chasm of difference within the denomination disrupting unity within the PCC;

THEREFORE, the Session of St. Andrew’s Moncton humbly Overtures the 146th General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada to construct theological Relief Courts upholding traditional theology within the PCC, Presbyteries Synods and General Assemblies, allowing Sessions to choose which Courts their congregations would affiliate with, as well as other supportive structures as may be necessary to exist within The Presbyterian Church In Canada, or to do otherwise as the General Assembly in its wisdom may deem best.