Renewal Has A Name

(from the December 2012 Presbyterian Record)

This is my favourite time of year.

I suspect I am not alone. The time leading up to Christmas is full of planning and activity in every area of my life. Family plans are huge. Plans to get together with friends are also important. Shopping becomes a bigger focus and stores are full of seasonal goods and excited people. There is an increased pace in life.

Churches are planning and presenting special services and programs. I always look forward to seeing the loosely connected people of the congregation who show up, including students returning home from colleges and universities.

At some point I will hear the major prophecies of Jesus read and I will read them again myself. A part of Advent for me is trying to gain the perspective of the Hebrews as they waited in hope for their coming Messiah. I think we can learn a lot about “waiting in hope” from them.

Then Christmas celebrates the birth of our Saviour. It is the world-changing event when God showed up as a baby. The hopes and dreams of the centuries were fulfilled in him that night.

In a little book called On the Incarnation, written 1,600 years ago … Read More