Clean Hearts, Loyal Spirits

by Rebekah Mitchell, published April 1, 2013 in The Presbyterian Record

Renewal, like commitment, is not something that happens once and is done with. Sometimes we forget that. We think that having had the experience once, we are good. We think that we have checked it off the list. One more thing accomplished. One more experience off the bucket list.

But renewal isn’t like that. Renewal is like the commitment one makes on their wedding day. A commitment that must be reaffirmed the next day, the day after that, the next week and so on, for all the moments of temptation or boredom or frustration one faces in all the days to come.

Renewal must be experienced again and again and again because our spirits are so easily exhausted. It doesn’t take much for the life of faith to go off the rails. A time of elevated stress can lead to the neglect of spiritual practices and a feeling of being far from God … or God being far from us. A sudden loss or even a sudden gain … Read More