Maturing Your Faith

by David Sherbino, published May 1, 2013 in The Presbyterian Record

Is it possible that faith and doubt can exist together? It seems we have faith and then challenges arise and we are filled with doubts. A few years ago on an adventure holiday, I tried zip-lining. I am not very comfortable with heights. I love to fly in airplanes, but to look over the ledge of a high building is another story. I went to the zip-line centre, was given instructions, strapped into a harness, and suddenly found myself standing on the edge of a platform hundreds of feet above the earth. I had to make a choice. Would I go back to the parking area or would I trust myself to the process? The term “leap of faith” came to mind. A leap of faith I discovered is not about believing that which seems impossible but rather a commitment to action in spite of my doubts. So I jumped!

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