Renewal Tools

When repairs are required – or if we need to build something new – we go to our toolbox. Ministry is no different. Trouble is, fixing or starting a new ministry isn’t as easy as tightening a few bolts or opening a box and following assembly instructions. While we appreciate the hearts and minds of ... Read more

Effective Communication

One of the challenges of renewal is communication -- how do we effectively tell the Gospel story in a fast-paced world? It's essential to cover the basic truths in a way that's faithful to an authentic reading of Scripture, and to get right to the point. Here is one way of telling the story in a positive way that gets and holds your attention ... Read more

A Dualling Dynamic

While a conversation about colonialism in the PCC is vital and overdue – as described in my May 2nd column – there’s another dynamic begging to be addressed. Mostly absent from April’s Renewal Day discussion was the voice of those in orthodoxy who believe they have no future ... Read more

Addressing the Colonial Mindset

We mix and mingle among those with whom we're most comfortable. Shared interests and culture are at the top of the list. As a student at Knox College, I was delighted to find people from my same culture and age group. We hit it off and stuck together. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't make much of an attempt to get to know those whose first language was not English … Read more

Response to COVID-19

Churches everywhere have responded quickly to the pandemic precautions. It's inspiring. It's powerful. It's a witness to the truth that the church will never die. And it testifies to the dictum that the church is reformed and continues to do so. In this section, we've created a menu of items in which we can tell ... Read more