Thirty Seconds Of Silence

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” I thought as I prepared an email to the synod clerk, offering to bring greetings to the court from the Renewal Fellowship. I’d been reminded of our age-old Renewal mission to be a praying presence in our courts. I was planning to attend anyway as moderator of my presbytery, so why ... Read more

May the Living Stones Cry Out

Don’t let anyone convince you that history has no bearing on the future. While doing some research for my congregation’s anniversary service, I found out that there was once a Presbyterian church in a nearby hamlet. It had to have been torn down because there’s no sign of it today. What amazed me was that ... Read more

Looking at VBS in a New Way

Has this ever happened to you? A family you’ve never seen before shows up at your summer VBS or midweek after-school program. They fill out the registration form as fast as possible, avoid meaningful conversation, wave bye and they’re outa there. Pickup is equally fast. Score points for efficiency, I suppose, but I can’t help ... Read more

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

A very strange thing happened near my home a few weeks ago. It happened quickly, then was over in a few days and left me shell-shocked and amazed. At a busy country crossroads, a billboard was installed consisting of four separate statements, each in its own colourful box: “Bibles back in schools! Let the Bible ... Read more

Authentic, powerful & effective

What’s in a name? If it’s an organization or business – plenty. Pick one, the first that comes to mind. In my head, it’s “Acme Corporation,” the fictitious company in the Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner cartoons. (Don’t ask.) Acme is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the point at which someone or something is best, ... Read more

Don’t let it get you down

I’ve had more than a month to process this year’s General Assembly (GA). While each annual gathering of commissioners representing every presbytery from coast to coast to coast is unique in that never do we get exactly the same people each time, it’s still a fairly accurate cross-section of our denomination. I think of it ... Read more

GA 2018: Collision Avoided.

WATERLOO -- Faced with a divisive vote on same-sex marriage, General Assembly 2018 chose a more peaceful path, directing a special committee of former moderators to recommend a way forward in an effort to preserve unity. The committee, which will consist of moderators from 2005-2017, is tasked "to propose a way ahead that allows the ... Read more

Renewal at Cedar Tree Ministries

Mary Peter leads a talking circle ministry at Grace Cowichan Presbyterian Church Cowichan — It’s a midweek evening in the sanctuary of Grace Presbyterian Church and 10 people are gathered in a talking circle. Holding a feather, Mary Peter opens in prayer. “What fills your cup?” Peter asks, then passes the feather to the person ... Read more

Renewal at Knox Sooke

Sooke, BC — The problem with ministers in the PCC? “You’ve got a bunch of ministers and administrators,” says Rev. Gord Kouwenberg. “We need vision catchers who understand the prophetic role of the clergy. We’re not prophetic in casting vision before the people so that the people are stimulated to act.” Not that he takes ... Read more