Dispelling Disorder, Embracing Truth

Rev. Ian ShawBoard Chair “People did whatever they felt like doing.” These words summarize the end of a most sad time in the history of God's people as recorded in the book of Judges. It was a time of moral, relational and political chaos. In some ways that summation faintly echoes the chaos with which ... Read more

A Holy Discontent

Discontent can be a destructive energy that harms us physically, emotionally, and relationally. It may be a symptom of ingratitude or an inability to accept one's lot in life – never having "learned to be content whatever the circumstances". At its root, one is shaking an angry fist at God, accusing Him of failing to satisfy one's expectations. This kind of discontent is ... Read more

A Letter to Evangelicals

The decision of the 145th General Assembly to adopt option "B" in the Report of the Special Committee of Former Moderators and the subsequent Remits on Human Sexuality and Marriage have caused a range of responses among members of the Renewal Fellowship and throughout our denomination. As a result of a meeting at Vaughan Community ... Read more

General Assembly 2019

WOW! We didn't see that coming. 145th General Assembly lived up its advanced billing. It was intense, deeply emotional, and contentious. In the end, commissioners choose Pathway B – Inclusion – that disappointed and dismayed us. However, the remits (printed below), to be sent down to presbyteries for approval, propose a much less exclusionary avenue. ... Read more

Logging off and Looking in

The approach of Lent in concert with a series of recent encounters, conversations and reading drew my attention to Matthew 7:1-5 and from there to Psalm 139. Most of us can count on one hand the number of times we have heard Psalm 139:19-22 read in public and still have fingers to spare. The harsh ... Read more

Wanting Too Little

Church disputes are not unusual, and neither is their tendency to polarize people. But what’s truly unusual is the rigorous work of self-reflection. That’s how we discover one malady we share in common. It’s this: wanting too little – too little from God. I call it Expectancy Deficit Disorder (EDD) … Read more

Heroes and Villains

They say you remember the first time. I know I certainly do. It was in the 50’s. Yes, I was alive back then! The pastor I remember was a hero to many. My aunt and her family attended the crowded worship services of his congregation. My parents listened most Sunday evenings to the radio broadcast of his sermons. He was a force. Then he was gone. I remember the whispers … Read more

Love: deluxe or economy package?

Love and carwashes have something in common. Both enhance function: cars and people. Both also involve decisions. I realized that as I stood at the carwash one day mulling over the range of offers. Of the various choices, the deluxe carwash package provided the best service. It included an undercarriage wash, waxing … Read more