VBS: not just for kids

By Janet Lou-Hing A personal story of coming to Christ As the summer comes to an end, I'm sure there are so many faith-building stories from Vacation Bible School (VBS) camps held in churches all across Canada and beyond. I have a story to share that reminded me of the impact VBS had on my ... Read more

Is it always right to be right?

One hopes it was God’s Spirit, but some might demur it was the second large helping of dessert; nonetheless, I awakened before I wanted to with a saying looping repeatedly through my mind. I know it is tempting for a few close friends to substitute ‘loopy’ at this point! The looping phrase is one often spoken, but I suspect the words seldom reflect one’s actual opinion. You may have used it yourself. It begins, ‘I could be wrong, but...” … Read more

Renewal Fellowship: One Pastor’s Story

I'm not going to lie, but awhile ago I was struggling whether I need to keep my membership in the Presbyterian Church in Canada. It has been heart-aching to hear and see what's been happening in my denomination for the last few years over the topic of sexuality. Also, thinking about my future possible ministry, ... Read more

The Fall of Jerusalem

The PCC is getting a ‘poke in the ribs’. Let’s not be afraid to turn and look. Actually, it was spring in Jerusalem, and nine of us Canadian Presbyterian clergy were standing about 50 feet from the Western Wall listening attentively to our guide, Sheera. She awed us with the news that this last vestige of Herod’s wall, which once surrounded the temple mount, was composed of not just the towering rows of huge, cut-stone ashlars visible to us, but of 18 more rows descending below grade. On scribbling down her fascinating commentary, I was interrupted by an abrupt poke in the ribs.

Tapping into God’s Plan

Are you ready for an adventure? Then as the bumper sticker says, “Let go and let God.” The truth is, is that we are all seeking, or at least we should be seeking, an adventure when it comes to our Christian lives and to the life of our congregations. However, many times we seem to be stuck in the rut of trying to balance the budget and trying to keep the doors to the church open. But, is this what the Christian life and church life are all about? … Read More

Mistakes Preachers Make

Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston Seven years ago, I left congregational ministry to teach at Tyndale Seminary. I moved from preaching lots of sermons to listening to lots of sermons by seminarians in my preaching classes. I've heard many thoughtful messages from these budding preachers, but I've also listened to some that weren't quite ready for ... Read more