John Calvin on Prayer

No one in the history of Christian thought has written on prayer as much as John Calvin. Few have approached him in sensitivity and profundity. Fewer still have understood the social/psychological situation from which he wrote everything: the refugee who knows that life is precarious. … Read More

A Life Worth Living

A ready-made follow-up for the enlivened faith and enthusiasm generated by an Alpha Course takes the form of the Beta course, A Life Worth Living, a nine-week look at Paul's letter to the Philippians, in the format of the Alpha course. … Read More

The Elders' Institute

The Elders' Institute was founded to provoke Canadian Presbyterian elders and other leaders to lead the church into more faithful, effective, and wise ministry and mission, using both online distance education and face-to-face "On the Road" events. … Read More

College Leaders Respond to Some Questions

The questions are about the most important thing that graduates will take away with them, how colleges are addressing the matter of the church in decline, assumptions about the level of Christian formation that entering students have, the biggest challenge facing the colleges, and new initiatives at the colleges. … Read More