Renewal Tools

When repairs are required – or if we need to build something new – we go to our toolbox. Ministry is no different. Trouble is, fixing or starting a new ministry isn’t as easy as tightening a few bolts or opening a box and following assembly instructions. While we appreciate the hearts and minds of ... Read more

Effective Communication

One of the challenges of renewal is communication -- how do we effectively tell the Gospel story in a fast-paced world? It's essential to cover the basic truths in a way that's faithful to an authentic reading of Scripture, and to get right to the point. Here is one way of telling the story in a positive way that gets and holds your attention ... Read more

Theology Matters

Theology matters – more than you might think. In 2016, a group of university professors published a groundbreaking study which linked mainline congregation growth to traditional, conservative theology. It compared the demographic and religious characteristics of ministers and attendees of growing mainline Protestant churches in southern Ontario with those of declining churches from the same ... Read more

Why Trust The Bible?

The Bible is the trustworthy source for God’s truth. The reason we need to think this through is because, if we’re inquiring about things of eternal significance — like heaven and hell — we need to be sure we’re rooted in a source of information and knowledge we can trust. But why can we trust the Bible? To answer that question, I could talk about the biblical passages that highlight how Scripture is inspired by God. But I won’t. I could talk about ... Read more

Germaine’s Message of Hope

At the 2018 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, held in Waterloo, Ontario, Rev. Germaine Lovelace, a member of Renewal Fellowship's board of directors, delivered a powerful message to the church: "What God is calling us as Presbyterians is to take nothing with us." Watch the entire video.