Reflections on COVID-19

Dr. Clyde Ervine engages the COVID-19 pandemic theologically to discern possible lessons for God’s people as they pursue faithfulness. Two months ago, I was enjoying spring weather in Northern Ireland, the place of my birth, meeting family and old friends, talking about this and that, but not about the topic we’ve talked about ever since ... Read more

Response to COVID-19

Churches everywhere have responded quickly to the pandemic precautions. It's inspiring. It's powerful. It's a witness to the truth that the church will never die. And it testifies to the dictum that the church is reformed and continues to do so. In this section, we've created a menu of items in which we can tell ... Read more

Online Worship

The Renewal Fellowship would like to publicize churches that are livestreaming Sunday worship services for the benefit of those whose churches are unable to do so. If your congregation is web-casting this Sunday, please send the instructions, and we will publicize it. Here is the information that we have so far ... Read more


How now shall we live as pastors, elders, caregivers and believers with a heart for the Gospel and the Great Commission? We may be prevented from most human contact outside our families and close associates, but there are many ways to reach people and to interact. Online meeting tools. There are many options: Zoom, GoTo ... Read more


We're not all tech savvy. But it's not difficult to learn. Here are a few selected sources of information. YouTube is a user-friendly way to record and upload and share your videos. For those with zero experience, here's a primer: Create a new channel. You'll need a gmail address to start, so watch the video ... Read more