Prayer Calendar

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Friday, August 23 – Pray for the congregation of St. David's Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario, that they would catch God's vision for the north end of Hamilton.
Saturday, August 24 – Pray for Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, Ontario, as they search for a new President to replace Gary Nelson when he retires next year. Pray also for the Session of St. Columba Presbyterian Church, Parksville, British Columbia, as they appoint a new clerk who is faithful, humble, and a Spirit-filled servant of God.
Sunday, August 25 – Ask God to bless the faculty and students of Knox College, Toronto, Ontario, as they begin another year of studies in preparation for ministry. May they gain passion of heart, as well as knowledge of mind.
Monday, August 26 – May God bless all ten Bible translation teams in Taiwan, Paul McLean, and other advisors, as they meet for the next five days for a training workshop supported by the Bible Society in Taiwan and the United Bible Societies.
Tuesday, August 27 – Pray for the staff of Presbyterian College, Montreal, Quebec. May God give them wisdom as they think about new and different ways to bring theological education into the life of the church in a time of change.
Wednesday, August 28 – Pray for Pastor Pye Chew of St. Andrew's (Streetsville) Presbyterian Church, Mississauga, Ontario, as he returns to pastoral ministry after a summer vacation. Pray that God will grant him and the Session wisdom as they seek His will for the future.
Thursday, August 29Presbyterian College, Montreal, Quebec, is partnering with the Theological Institute for Francophones to offer a Master of Theological Studies in Practical Theology in French. Pray for the professors and student as they begin their first cohort in September.
Friday, August 30 – Pray for the Session of Norman Kennedy Presbyterian Church, Regina, Saskatchewan, as they transition to term eldership this Fall.
Saturday, August 31 – Pray for God's blessing on the faculty and students of St. Andrew's Hall and Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, British Columbia. In this new year of study, may they learn much that will enable them to impact our world with God's grace and truth.
Sunday, September 1 – As a new season in the church year begins, pray for openness to share what God has done and is doing in your life. Pray for the people that you will meet today, and ask God to show you their needs.
Monday, September 2Labour Day – May we experience a renewed blessing of work as we partner with each other and God in the ministry and mission of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Tuesday, September 3 – Pray for Knox (Spadina) Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario, as they welcome and minister to university students as the new academic year begins. Pray for many students to find a church home at Knox and for quick and meaningful connections into the life of the church.
Wednesday, September 4Knox College students and faculty go to Crieff Hills today for their annual retreat. Pray for a time of refreshment, renewal, and rest before the academic semester begins.
Thursday, September 5 – Pray for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Kamloops, British Columbia, and their pastor, Steve Filyk, as they strive to build connections within the surrounding community.
Friday, September 6 – The annual Women's Camp is this weekend at Camp Christopher, Saskatchewan. May their time together provide a means for renewing relationships amongst the women and strengthening their relationship with Jesus. Pray for safety in travels and that the Holy Spirit will bless the weekend.
Saturday, September 7 – The Session of Norman Kennedy Presbyterian Church, Regina, Saskatchewan, are seeking to develop "a rhythm of communal prayer" by introducing an early morning prayer opportunity for members and their community. Pray for the planning and implementation.
Sunday, September 8 – Pray for the Moderator, Rev. Amanda Currie, and her husband Nicholas Jesson, as they visit the Reformed Church in Romania this week. My God bless them and make them a blessing.
Monday, September 9 – Pray for the outside groups that use St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, for their meetings. May they come to experience Jesus in their midst.
Tuesday, September 10 – St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Ottawa, Ontario, is welcoming two new staff members this fall. Pray that their ministries may be fruitful.
Wednesday, September 11Friendship in Faith resumes today at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Simcoe, Ontario. Pray that the adults living with developmental disabilities who attend will be blessed and encouraged.
Thursday, September 12Threefold Ministries will hold a fundraising event on October 5th at the annual Ride for Refuge. Pray for new riders and new sponsors so that their important medical and community ministry may grow and meet the needs of those most vulnerable in Nicaragua.
Friday, September 13 – Intercede for the Board of the Renewal Fellowship and its chairperson, the Rev. Ian Shaw. May they be given the resources required to guide the Renewal Fellowship in making its vision a reality.
Saturday, September 14 – Give thanks for the growing children's ministry at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Tillsonburg, Ontario. Pray that the children, leaders and helpers would be encouraged and energized by the Holy Spirit.
Sunday, September 15 – Pray for St. Andrew's (Streetsville) Presbyterian Church, Mississauga, Ontario, as they celebrate Visitor Sunday today. Pray that God will make them a missional church in touch with their community.
Monday, September 16 – Pray for the clerks of General Assembly, the Rev. Stephen Kendall and the Rev. Don Muir as they give guidance to Assembly committees and counsel in situations that are often complex.
Tuesday, September 17 – The Mission Committee of Norman Kennedy Presbyterian Church, Regina, Saskatchewan, meets today. Pray for insight and wisdom as they make decisions about how God wants them to distribute mission funds to local and international missions.
Wednesday, September 18 – Pray for the Junior Youth program, The Herd, the Kids' Club, Senior Youth, Collective Youth, and Kids on the Rock as they restart at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Parry Sound, Ontario. Pray that additional leaders will come forward.
Thursday, September 19 – Youth ministry for most congregations is precarious (too few and too uncertain). Pray that God will give vision, leaders, zeal, and relationships worth celebrating.
Friday, September 20 – Praise God for the approval of a grant to Cedar Tree Ministries from the Presbyterian Innovative Ministries Fund for a "church on wheels" trailer to visit remote reservations on Vancouver Island. Pray that the Rev. Joey Cho and the team of volunteer missionaries who are planning the "Go the Distance" program will be able to share the Gospel in creative ways. Thank God also for the commitment of those who minister with, to, and among our children.
Saturday, September 21 – Pastors can't do it alone. Pray that our ruling elders will engage life and ministry within our congregations with renewed passion and with a generous spirit.
Sunday, September 22 – Give thanks for the work of the Special Committee of Former Moderators. They offered The Presbyterian Church in Canada an opportunity to move into the future seeking to glorify God and enjoy all that God is.
Monday, September 23 – Pray for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops as they meet this week in Cornwall, Ontario. May God guide their deliberations and decisions. Pray also for our Moderator, Rev. Amanda Currie, as she represents our church as an observer at their meeting.