Prayer Calendar

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Wednesday, July 8 – Pray for our Moderator, Rev. Amanda Currie and her Committee to Advise as they seek creative ways to support and encourage the denomination. Give thanks for the opportunities that she has had to spend time with congregations, committees, presbyteries, and colleges by connecting online.
Thursday, July 9 – Give thanks for church leaders and members who are regularly talking by telephone to other members of their congregation. Pray that God's love may be shared and that friendships may grow.
Friday, July 10 – Pray for Senior Minister, Geoff Ross, of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Brampton, Ontario. During the COVID-19 crisis, he has been keeping the congregation connected with new online ministries and initiatives, and daily walk-by visits in a different neighbourhood every day. He also has a number of leadership roles in presbytery.
Saturday, July 11 – The Presbyterian Church in Canada has thirteen summer camps across Canada. Pray for their boards and staff as they seek to be wise, faithful, and nurturing this summer.
Sunday, July 12 – Pray for ministers who volunteer their time as chaplains for police, firefighters, and paramedics, and in hospitals, hospices, and long-term care and rest homes, that they may be especially attuned to the increased stress faced by those on the front lines in uncertain times.
Monday, July 13 – Pray for encouragement for Rev. Dr. Wayne Hancock as he brings leadership to Threefold Ministries in these challenging times, and for the Board as they seek to fulfill their mission while global travel is restricted. Praise God for protection of their Nicaraguan staff from the worst effects of this pandemic.
Tuesday, July 14 – During these difficult, challenging times, give thanks for the blessing of new life and the joy of three births in Bridlewood Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario, during March.
Wednesday, July 15 – Pray that the Holy Spirit may encourage those who are lonely in times of physical distancing. During this time of restrictions on our lives, pray for joy and hope to be the song in our hearts. Give thanks that God is faithful.
Thursday, July 16 – Pray for the staff of Glad Tidings magazine who are working to produce the final edition of the magazine. Pray that they may find both inspiration to produce an excellent magazine and peace of mind as their lives undergo great change.
Friday, July 17 – Pray that God may help the Bunun, Pinuyumayan, and Tayal Bible translation teams in Taiwan in their final reading stages, as each team hopes to finalize their translation by the end of 2020, and that God may help our missionary, Paul McLean, to support them well over the Internet.
Saturday, July 18 – Pray for the congregations of Knox Presbyterian Church, Port Carling, Ontario, Zion Presbyterian Church, Torrance, and their pastor, Rev. Glynnis Faith, as they seek to serve their communities in new ways this summer.
Sunday, July 19 – Pray for congregations seeking to encounter today's culture with the good news of Jesus Christ, that God may show them how to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in conversation, and may pour out His love through them, even during these awkward times.
Monday, July 20 – A new Dunamis Fellowship project Upward Challenge, a five-day Camp in a Box program for youth, begins today. Pray for God's blessing on the youth from Canada and around the world who will be participating online.
Tuesday, July 21 – Give God thanks for St. David's Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario, offering gracious hospitality to New Westminster Presbyterian Church following the sale of their building. Pray for the new elders at St. David's as they assume their responsibilities.
Wednesday, July 22 – Pray for our ministries to the poor and broken, that the Lord would empower and sustain them as they provide meals, encouragement, and practical support to those from their communities who are in need.
Thursday, July 23 – Pray for seven youth and seven mentors from St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Hillsburgh, Ontario, under the leadership of their minister, Stephen Mutavdzija, who are doing an Alpha program by Zoom. The youth will be given an opportunity to be confirmed at a future worship service.
Friday, July 24 – Pray for congregations as they wrestle with financial issues, especially those in which offerings are down dramatically due to the cancellation of in-person worship.
Saturday, July 25 – Pray for the Renewal Fellowship Board as they meet today, that they may have wisdom as they seek to build up our church.
Sunday, July 26 – Pray for Rev. Carel Grundlingh, Rev. Larry Skinner, and the Session of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Wingham, Ontario, as they lead in kingdom work in the Wingham and Belmore areas over the summer. Give thanks for renewal of faith in this rural area, and pray that it may lead to congregational growth in numbers.
Monday, July 27 – Pray for the people and leadership of Grace Presbyterian Church, Calgary, Alberta, as they earnestly seek to discern God's will for their ministry focus and endeavour to support their ministry team as they continue to move through a time of transition in the absence of a called lead minister.
Tuesday, July 28 – Pray that our newfound flexibility and openness to change may continue to expand throughout our churches and denomination so that we can be increasingly adaptive to needs and opportunities to be and to make disciples.
Wednesday, July 29 – Pray for the two church re-opening committees at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The Building Reopening and Live Worship Update committees are tasked with planning the return to live worship. Pray that members and adherents may join these committees and provide the leadership needed to realize their goals.
Thursday, July 30 – Pray for congregations that are in the search process for leaders in ministry during this difficult time, that the Holy Spirit may lead them to the ones who are called by God to serve among them.
Friday, July 31 – Give thanks for the new connections beyond the members of the church which have been made due to sharing the online Sunday worship services at Norman Kennedy Presbyterian Church, Regina, Saskatchewan. New and renewed connections with St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Moosomin, Saskatchewan, have been very encouraging.
Saturday, August 1 – During times of trial, separation, and distancing, ask the Lord for His love to be poured out to help us focus on loving others instead of being focused on ourselves.
Sunday, August 2 – Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the life and witness of Callingwood Road Presbyterian Church, Edmonton, Alberta, and their pastor, Rev. Rodger McEachern.
Monday, August 3 – Pray for the Garden Outreach project at Kortright Presbyterian Church, Guelph, Ontario, as the vegetables are distributed freely to neighbours of the church.
Tuesday, August 4 – Give thanks to God for the sacrificial financial generosity of so many supporters who enable the Renewal Fellowship to influence our denomination for good.
Wednesday, August 5 – Pray that God may grant wisdom to our Renewal Fellowship Executive Director, the Rev. Andy Cornell, as he seeks to guide us in the best paths for renewal in times such as we are experiencing.
Thursday, August 6 – Give thanks for the innovative and new ministries at Westwood Presbyterian Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and ask God to give the congregation and their pastor, Rev. Katie MacIntosh, wisdom as they continue to bless their community and the Winnipeg Inner City Mission.
Friday, August 7 – Come Holy Spirit! Enable us to shake off dull lethargy and timidity to live boldly and proclaim the good news that in You, we experience fulness of life.
Saturday, August 8 – Pray that God may help the Paiwan and Tsou Bible translation projects in Taiwan as they press on with their Old Testament drafting, team review, and checking. Ask God to give Rev. Paul MacLean wisdom and encouragement as he supports them.