Prayer Calendar for September 2020
Friday, September 25 – Thank God for the eager contribution of our retired ministers, who continue to support and actively engage in life-giving ministry.

Saturday, September 26 – Thank our Sovereign Lord for our sisters and brothers serving Him around the world, and pray especially for those who suffer for their faith, that they may be blessed and be a blessing to their communities.

Sunday, September 27Presbyterians Sharing Sunday – Pray that God would help all our churches to look outward and care for their communities and the many places around the world that need our prayers and financial support.

Monday, September 28 – Pray that our congregations may know best how to support and encourage new Canadians and share God's love with them.

Tuesday, September 29 – Pray for our missionaries serving international ministries in Africa, Asia, Hungary, Taiwan, Japan, and the Middle East, that God may grant them wisdom as they seek to be a blessing.

Wednesday, September 30 – Pray for the faculty of our Presbyterian theological colleges, that in the midst of teaching, they may communicate not only knowledge, but the wonder of God's grace.

Linda Shaw, Prayer Chain Editor.

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