Why aren't my e-mailings arriving?

SPAM ALERT! One of the common problems that we deal with regularly is when our subscribers don't receive their verifying e-mails or regular e-mails. Unfortunately, religious material is considered spam by most spam-blocking programs, so when certain key words are detected in our e-mails, they are mis-tagged as spam. Most Internet Service Providers have an anti-spam and anti-virus program that blocks, filters, delays, or diverts such e-mails to a junk or spam mailbox which the subscriber can access by webmail on the Internet Service Provider's website. Many subscribers also have an anti-spam or anti-virus program that directs spam to a junk or spam mailbox on the subscriber's own computer, where a number of our subscribers have been surprised to find our e-mails. If you have an e-mail spam blocker on your own computer, or use spam-blocking services that require a response from the sender, or use an Internet Service Provider with a high level of spam protection, you should add the Renewal Fellowship e-mail addresses <> and <> to your contact list, safe-list, or allowed-list, and check the junk or spam mailboxes on your own computer and by webmail on your Internet Service Provider's website to ensure proper delivery of your verifying e-mail and your regular e-mails. If you are unable to resolve the problem, please contact your Internet Service Provider for detailed instructions on how to configure your spam or junk control settings. We have also posted instructions for configuring the spam or junk control settings for your Hotmail or Yahoo account. Please note that Bell and Sympatico use Hotmail.

Robin Ross, Webmaster.

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