Prayer Calendar for March 2019
Monday, March 18 – Pray for the leaders at Kortright Presbyterian Church, Guelph, Ontario, as they prepare for a Leadership Summit on April 6th. May God prepare their hearts to hear His vision for them and give them wisdom as they plan.

Tuesday, March 19 – Pray that our Presbyterian theological college boards and faculty will have wisdom to know what changes need to be made to educate and equip leaders for a new day.

Wednesday, March 20 – Pray for the Friendship in Faith group that is meeting tonight at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Simcoe, Ontario. May the singing and Bible story give these special-need adults confirmation of God's love.

Thursday, March 21 – The Presbytery of Winnipeg meets today. May God help them listen to Him and each other.

Friday, March 22 – Give thanks for those called to lead worship with the vulnerable and lonely in long-term-care residences. May God's Word and music bring comfort and peace to all.

Saturday, March 23The Assembly Council will meet over the next three days at Crieff Hills. May God give them ears to hear Him and each other, and to make good decisions for our church.

Sunday, March 24Lent III – The General Assembly Moderator, Rev. Daniel Cho, is bringing words of encouragement and challenge to the congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Guelph, Ontario, and their minister, Rev. John Borthwick.

Monday, March 25 – Pray for our brothers and sisters in Africa, the Middle East, and so many countries in the world where they are being persecuted for their faith, imprisoned, tortured, and killed.

Tuesday, March 26 – Pray for those who are making last minute plans for The Renewal Fellowship Renewal Day and Annual Meeting on April 6 at Grace West Hill Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario.

Wednesday, March 27 – Pray for our governments to be led to establish laws and policies that reflect the wisdom of God and bring blessing on the people.

Thursday, March 28 – Continue to pray for the Special Committee of Past Moderators as they finalize their report on Human Sexuality for General Assembly.

Friday, March 29 – Pray for new Canadians, and that our congregations will know how best to support and encourage them and share God's love with them.

Saturday, March 30 – Give thanks for those who nurtured your faith in the past, and ask God to use you to invite others to love and serve the Lord.

Sunday, March 31Lent IV – Pray for the congregation of St. Matthew's Presbyterian Church, Ingleside, Ontario, and their minister, Rev. Feras Chamas. May the General Assembly Moderator, Rev. Daniel Cho, bring words of celebration and challenge today.

Linda Shaw, Prayer Chain Editor.

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