Prayer Calendar for January 2019
Monday, January 14 – Pray for Rev. Dr. Wayne Hancock, Managing Director of Threefold Ministries, as he travels to Nicaragua this month. Pray for his protection and that the local staff will be encouraged.

Tuesday, January 15 – Pray for God's direction in the final plans for the Canadian Presbyterian Pastor's Conference in the Dominican Republic during the fourth week in April. Give thanks for the planning team, which includes the principals of our theological seminaries, and for the generous support of Vaughan Community Church, Thornhill, Ontario.

Wednesday, January 16 – Pray for Kingdom Kids, which resumes today at New Westminster Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario. Pray also for Heart Lake Community Presbyterian Church in Brampton, Ontario, as they have started reading through the whole Bible as a congregation. May the Holy Spirit open their hearts and minds, and may they live out what the Spirit of God teaches them.

Thursday, January 17 – Pray that God would raise up a new Renewal Fellowship volunteer mailing team in the Simcoe, Ontario area to facilitate quarterly mailings.

Friday, January 18 – Join First Presbyterian Church, New Westminster, British Columbia, and Rev. Guy Sinclair, in praising God for the new people from the community who are attending Sunday worship, Bible Study, and Alpha. Pray that the new people will continue to feel welcomed and that all will meet Jesus.

Saturday, January 19 – Give thanks for the faithful service of now-retired Bill Harrison (Administrative Assistant) and Karin Cowan (Treasurer). The General Assembly Moderator, Rev. Daniel Cho, is in Ottawa next week. Pray for him as he preaches at Knox Presbyterian Church on Sunday, a contemporary youth service at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, and several other special meetings through the week.

Sunday, January 20 – Knox Presbyterian Church, Ottawa, Ontario, continues to celebrate its 175th anniversary. The General Assembly Moderator, Rev. Daniel Cho, will bring God's Word to them today.

Monday, January 21 – Pray for the Renewal Fellowship Board as they seek new board members from across Canada.

Tuesday, January 22 – Pray for the congregation of Knox Presbyterian Church, Campbellton, New Brunswick, and their minister, Rev. Glen Sampson, as they continue in an ecumenical shared ministry with First United Church in Campbellton.

Wednesday, January 23 – Pray that God will open the way for Knox Presbyterian Church, Agincourt, Ontario, to continue a meaningful ministry with the community.

Thursday, January 24 – Pray for presbyters across Canada as they vote for the Moderator of General Assembly. Rev. Amanda Currie and Rev. James T. Hurd are on the ballot.

Friday, January 25Kids' Klub meets tonight at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, under the leadership of Martha Fergusson. May God's Spirit encourage growth in faith. Pray also for the Presbytery of Winnipeg as it meets tomorrow.

Saturday, January 26 – Pray for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Mount Forest, Ontario, as they serve a meal at The Father's Table tomorrow. May God supply the leadership needed for this ministry.

Sunday, January 27 – Pray for the Moderator, Rev. Daniel Cho, as he brings words of wisdom and encouragement to Stamford Presbyterian Church, Niagara Falls, Ontario, as they celebrate their 235th anniversary.

Monday, January 28 – Pray for God's hand on the search process for a new minister for Grace Presbyterian Church, West Hill, Ontario. May the congregation use this time to rediscover God's faithfulness.

Tuesday, January 29 – Join Pastor Pye Chew of St. Andrew's (Streetsville) Presbyterian Church, Mississauga, Ontario, as he thanks God for renewed health. Pray that God will show Pye how to lead the church to become more missional.

Wednesday, January 30 – Pray for congregations in conflict and ask God to bring reconciliation and peace in truth.

Thursday, January 31 – A number of Presbyterian congregations are participating in trips to Israel in February. Pray for their safety and pray that God's Spirit will use the trip to build their faith.

Linda Shaw, Prayer Chain Editor.

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